This month of September 2021 has been very exciting. Our team has grown even more, not only in Spain, but also internationally.

We have finished this month with great news. Both internally and externally. So let’s start with the news summary for September 2021:

Internal news September 2021

We are pleased to introduce our new Commercial Director, Mario Baz. From the Madrid offices, he will work with the team to serve clients in the capital. In addition, we have also welcomed Karolina Gajlewicz, who will be in charge of developing the projects in Poland. Every time we grow more and more, and we cannot be more proud to enter another country with our great team. In addition, on September 2, our colleagues, Jorge Ara Triadú and Michal Drywa attended in person the conference The Solar Future, organized by Solarplaza, in Poland. It was gratifying to participate in these meetings again.

News September 2021

External news

There have been great records in the sector since last month. A clear example is the tower crane designed to be charged with grid-scale renewable energy created by Energy Vault. These ensure that the storage capacity of raised composite bricks is not degraded and they can remain in an elevated position for unlimited periods of time. Also, the country has broken records with the highest price of electricity in history, renewable energies, specifically photovoltaics. In Portugal and France, it has reached all-time highs, while in the Iberian Peninsula, solar energy production has increased by 23% compared to August last year.

Finally, the climate crisis has become the greatest threat to our physical and emotional well-being. More than 200 scientific journals in the field of Health Sciences joined to warn of this situation. This 2021 will be the key to remedy it. Urgent action will have to be taken or a much more damaging wave will come in the years to come.

These have been some of the news this month in Enerland . Follow us on our LinkedIn profile to keep up to date with all of them. See you in the month of October.