Happy New Year everyone! Although we are already at the end of the month, it is never too late to congratulate us and even less to bring you the latest news for January 2021.


We’re not going to go into the next month without sharing what we’ve posted on LinkedIn, but that’s not all. We have more news to share apart from the news of January 2021. We have looked at the account figures and … there are already more than 2,700 users who follow our profile Enerland on LinkedIn!

In addition to our social profiles, Enerland has a great challenge for this year. Continue to grow and expand its teams to always give our clients the best investment opportunity. Our work teams have started the year with charged batteries! Very soon, we will publish all our news. For the moment, we can only anticipate that 2021 will be the year of change in every way.

On the other hand, in our social profiles and internet presence, we hope to continue growing at this rate! Now, yes, we share the news of January 2021. There have been no great news, but we like to remember our work with the planet in figures. Working for the environment is working for life. From Enerland Group, we are proud to participate in the promotion of a new energy model that contributes to curbing global warming. We have already avoided the emission of more than 336,900 tons of CO2 to the planet.

This month may not have been as active as the last. Still, we celebrate other achievements. Growing up in this social network is a source of pride. Professionals from all over the world have come to our profile and they have followed us! We are going to keep moving forward to make this community even bigger. We will strive to continue to share interesting content and improve on the numbers we have achieved in less than a year.


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