We started the development of our first projects in the Philippines.


A year ago we announced our entry into the South Asian market . With the opening of our subsidiary Enerland Filipinas, located in the province of Isabela, on the island of Manila, we began the development of our first projects. Today, we announce that the company begins the Ramón photovoltaic project.

It should be noted that the construction work for the Ramón Solar Park will be carried out in the summer of this year. In addition, for this execution, top quality materials will be used. On the other hand, it will be connected to the Iselco grid and will generate a power of 6.5MW.

Enerland has big expansion plans in the Philippines. Recently, the rights to a new 10MW project have been acquired and an unbeatable situation. This second project will begin construction at the beginning of July.

In both cases, Enerland supplies EPC services ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction) or “turnkey “. In total, we have 15MW in development in the country and in parallel, we are working on the execution of industrial self-consumption projects installed on the roof.

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The South Asian country is in a moment of expansion and its population is growing at a fairly rapid rate. This exponential growth causes an increase both in the demand for electricity and in the need to improve its transport infrastructure. For this reason, the country is committed to the development of renewable energies as photovoltaics. Betting on sustainable energies is betting on the future.

Enerland comes to the Philippines, not only with the aim of optimizing the country’s renewable resources by creating sustainable energy, but also to modernize the electrical infrastructures in the area.


Expansion plans

Enerland continues to grow. Parallel to our first development in the Philippines, we announced the creation of our new subsidiary in Central America: El Salvador. Along with this, there will already be two of our subsidiaries in the American continent.