We present Monticell: the new division launched by Enerland exclusively for self-consumption facilities in companies


Since our inception, Enerland has operated two parallel business divisions. On the one hand, the development, promotion, construction, operation and maintenance of large photovoltaic plants. On the other hand, the study, execution, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations on roofs of industrial, logistics or services warehouses. Today, the growth of Enerland Group is being unstoppable. For this reason, and as a consequence of our consolidation in the photovoltaic energy sector at an international level, we decided to separate both divisions into commercial brands.

While Enerland will continue to represent our activity linked to power generation parks through photovoltaics , we present Monticell: the new division launched by Enerland dedicated exclusively to self-consumption facilities in companies. Through Monticell, we intend to provide space and personalized attention to facilities for energy self-consumption in the business sector. Through it, we will work on solar installations on roofs, photovoltaic canopies, charging points for mobile vehicles (PRVE) and other energy solutions such as energy storage or batteries. Always at the customer’s service, we will provide personalized solutions to any need.


The Monticell website

In addition, we have launched the new Monticell website to find out about the latest news in the photovoltaic self-consumption sector. You can also find out about our services and solutions, and some of our facilities around the world. Enerland launches Monticell