We attended RENMAD Storage 2022, the new congress of the energy sector whose main theme revolved around storage.


The conference was held on June 21 and 22 and took place in Toledo, Spain. At Enerland Group we attended RENMAD 2022 through our director of developments, Lorena Hernández and José Alfambra, area manager of LATAM&Spain. The main topic revolved around different aspects related to energy storage projects in Spain as well as their profitability. How to design, finance, promote, build and operate them were some of the conversations that took place at RENMAD22. “With previous experience in this field, we attended RENMAD to learn about the future perspectives of storage technology in our country as well as the regulatory framework that will act for its regulation”- Enerland Group


Outlook for energy storage

Currently, this technology is seen as essential to meet the massive deployment of renewables in our country, Spain. For this reason, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge is already working on a regulatory framework for its regulation. Once published, the start of the immediate deployment of storage in Spain is expected. In order to promote the development of storage technology, the government will also make available 600 million euros in aid. Also, the ERDF funds will finance renewable energy projects with 316 million euros. Both impulses will give the necessary strength to the Spanish energy market for the development of both renewables and storage in order to achieve the objectives set for the 2050 Agenda set by the PNIEC.  


At a technical level

Taking into account the more technical aspects of energy storage, this technology is now ready for use. In other countries, both at European and international level, it has been used successfully for some years. Thanks to this technology, the way power generation assets are operated is expected to change completely.