This November 2021 we have launched Monticell, the new commercial brand of Enerland Group. Focused on the area of ​​industrial photovoltaic self-consumption, it will have its own website and LinkedIn profile.

We have finished this month with a very special launch for the company. A new commercial brand for a much more specific business area: self-consumption. In addition, we are going to share a summary of the November 2021 news that has accompanied this announcement:


Internal news November 2021

This month we have welcomed new colleagues, but this time from the Italy branch. Every time we are more in other countries, as well as the projects in which we work. Emanuele Canterino and Patrick Vasta will be in charge of optimizing and coordinating the optimal solution for the location of each of our photovoltaic parks in Italy. In addition, one of our CEO, Manuel Balet, participated in a newsroom organized by el Heraldo and directed by BBVA. The debate revolved around European funds and the importance of betting on corporate energy efficiency in business. Our conclusion: “There is not planet B” and the change is necessary and urgent. Finally, the event that we sponsored was finally held: “Everything can be trained”, where Toni Nadal explained the values ​​of sport and how motivation, enthusiasm, effort, resilience… were key to being able to achieve success in almost all walks of life. It was a complete success and we couldn’t be more proud.

News November 2021


External news

In 2018, conventional energy production in Spain reached 62%, while renewables did not reach 40%. However, things have changed. Last year the balance began to balance, reaching almost 50% between the two. In Italy, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, drafted a decree to speed up the transition from traditional fuels to renewable sources. Time is a great enemy when it comes to combating global warming. Italy cannot continue in the position it is in at the moment, we must continue working so as not to be left behind. Finally, in China, according to the National Energy Administration, the installed capacity to produce renewable energy in China reached 1,002 million KW, a figure that doubled the data registered in 2015. The country has managed to become a world leader in wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric power generation and with future goals of an increase of 20% in 2025. These have been some of the news this month in Enerland. Follow us on our profile at LinkedIn to keep up to date with everything. See you in the month of December.