This December 2021 we end the year with more news than ever. This time, Enerland grows in Colombia with new incorporations.

We have ended this month and the year welcoming new members of the Colombia team. In addition, we are going to share a summary of the December 2021 news that has accompanied this announcement:

Internal news December 2021

This month Oscar Andres Berrio Cruz, Hernando Restrepo Salja and José Alfambra attended Energyear Andina last week and were in charge of representing Enerland Group in this important meeting of the sector. In it, they learned more about the current situation in Colombia and connected with different professionals to seek solutions to any existing difficulties in the sector. In addition, our colleagues from Enerland Italia attended the “Italia Solare Forum 2021” event held in Rome. The event brought together institutions, photovoltaic companies and experts from the sector to discuss how and when the 2030-2050 photovoltaic development goals can be achieved for the three sectors: residential, industrial and public services. Finally, our colleagues from the marketing and communication department attended the 6th Edition of the Awards in recognition of Social Responsibility in Aragon . At the event, different companies and freelancers were recognized and awarded as benchmarks for their good practices. News December 2021 -

External news

It is expected that in August 2022 the first space probe, the Psyche of NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, will be launched, powered by solar energy to propel itself into space and carry out its operations on the asteroid called PSYCHE 16 It is clear that the use of solar energy is encompassing more areas outside of residential and business.

As for news in Spain. According to the report published by SolarPower Europe, Spain will be together with Germany among the main solar markets in 2021. Throughout the year we have been aware of the great growth of the sector. At Enerland Group we are really proud of this, as well as having been able to be part of this great growth.

Finally, according to data published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the costs of renewable technologies continue to fall year after year, which is why expansion and installation opportunities are increasing. The main problem: dependence on fossil fuels and the countries that provide it to us.

These have been some of the news this month in Enerland . Follow us on our LinkedIn profile to keep up to date with all of them. See you in the month of December.