We ended April 2021 with a news mix. We give you a summary of the events and the latest news of today


We leave you with the April 2021 news so you can see everything we have done in Enerland:



At the end of March we announced the participation of our team in the Rainbowrun Solidarity Race. Given the current situation of COVID19 in which we find ourselves and in order to minimize the risks of exposure of our colleagues, in Enerland we decided to participate in the same way we work: always united as a team. Although this time only for the Enerland feeling. From here we want to thank again the more than 30 colleagues who decided to join this solidarity cause from our headquarters in Spain and congratulate the winners of the race, it is a pleasure to have such committed colleagues!

One of the great keys of business success it is the development of a good strategy and correct communication between workers. The best example of this has been given to us by our engineers from the Project Development Department. Together, they were the members of the group that ran the 5km race rainbowrun in less time, showing that both inside and outside the offices, they form a great team. Everyone received a gift for their effort, we hope you loved it.


News April 2021

About the latest news of the month. Did you know that Spain is one of the countries in the world with the most hours of daylight? On average, we enjoy more than 8 hours of sunshine a day, between 2,500 and 3,000 hours of full light a year. Measures such as the elimination of the sun tax, promoting self-consumption, the elimination of administrative barriers and the implementation of an internationally approved auction model have contributed to the development of the photovoltaic sector in our country. Making it one of the best to reactivate the economy.

We have also talked about the great benefits of solar photovoltaic energy production. And also, we introduce you to the new environment department. In the design phase of the projects, it is vitally important to make a correct selection of the plots, evaluating the different conditions that may exist. Thus minimizing the impacts on the environment as far as possible. At Enerland we are concerned about the environment. Therefore, we work to preserve it in optimal conditions. For this reason, we have decided to invest in providing our staff with our own team of professionals specialized in biodiversity, natural heritage and environmental risks.

Together with our development department, they will evaluate the different locations. This is how they will identify the best alternatives for our solar parks. In the end, we will guarantee the integration of these with the environment. Our commitment is clear: sustainability as the central axis of our projects.

Latest news April 2021