Operation and maintenance

Carrying out a correct start-up, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic parks, ensure that the maximum return on investment is obtained by optimizing the energy production capacity.

At Enerland we know this and our experience shows us that each solar park has different characteristics and needs.

Therefore, it is important for us to personalize each service and specifically meet each need to always offer quality, guarantee and security. In this way, we will work to achieve a correct operation of the plant.

Know the benefits of running a good operation and maintenance of the park:

Maximum availability

Maximum efficiency

Higher performance

Minimum cost

Increased service life

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inicio timeline

Operation and guarantee of the facility for 2 years

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24/7 monitoring of the facility

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Production study and collection of data on power generation

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Comprehensive technical support

Predictive maintenance ▿


Diagnosis of the situation.

Study of the park’s needs.

Creation of an O&M manual for each facility, protocol management and staff training.

Planning based on the annual scope.

Performance analysis of the park and periodic review of structures, modules, current panels and inverters.

Thermographic studies focused on modules, equipment and wiring.

Preventive maintenance ▿


Activities focused on minimizing energy losses and additional costs for corrective maintenance.

Cleaning of equipment and modules.

Periodic replacement of equipment.

Corrective maintenance ▿


Repairs minimizing generation loss due to breakdowns.

Minimize consequences of damage to different equipment.